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Ellel Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry that began in England in 1986 by Peter Horrobin. It exists to help people move on with the Lord to a deeper place of healing and relationship with Him, so that they can know Him in a deeper way, and begin to fulfill the plan that God has for them. This is achieved in two ways - by offering prayer ministry to those in need and by conducting training events so that people can gain understanding and be equipped to help others in their own local areas. 

Ellel Ministries takes its name from its first building in England, Ellel Grange, which is near the village of Ellel, in Lancashire. In old English, the name Ellel means ‘All hail’ which means ‘All glory to God’ In Hebrew, Ellel means ‘towards God’ In Mandarin Chinese, it means ‘love flowing outwards (愛流). So Ellel could be said to mean ‘All hail, Jesus, All glory to Him’ and be expressed as ‘Love flowing outwards’ into a fallen and broken world, where we are helping people move ‘towards God’.  It is all for His glory.